The Ladin-speaking Val Gardena in the Dolomites of South Tyrol

Val Gardena is rich in tradition, history, natural beauty and sporting activities

Val Gardena is overlooked by the mighty Sassolungo, which reaches a height of 3,181 meters and by the monumental Sella Group massif. The Sella Group, the Sassolungo and the surrounding summits are popular destinations for hiking and climbing tours.

Today, Val Gardena is famous all over the world as a location for winter and summer sports and it continues to satisfy lovers of sports and entertainment. The inhabitants of Val Gardena rely heavily on tourism as it has now become their single largest source of revenue.
The so-called "Valley of the Master Woodcarvers" made a name for itself with hand-made wood carvings. As early as the seventeenth century, the inhabitants spent the long, cold winters carving wood in their warm rooms and in the spring, went out into the world to sell them in the cities. What had begun as a pastime rapidly became a valuable source of income. That is how the valley became synonymous with wooden works of art that were made by gifted local artists.

Val Gardena is trilingual: alongside the native Ladin, a Romance language unique to the surrounding area, German and Italian are common as spoken languages as well as being taught in the schools.