Legend trail and church of S. Giacomo - Oldest church in Val Gardena

The Jakoberhof Hotel is just a short walk away from the historic S. Giacomo chapel and the Legend Trail

The Legend Trail leads from the church of S. Cristina to the chapel of S. Giacomo. Sixteen display boards, lovingly illustrated by schoolchildren, depict the legend of Count Jacob of Setteneck, in pictures while a trilingual text relates the story in words.
The chapel of S. Giacomo and the trail can each be reached with just a few minutes' walking from the Jakoberhof Hotel.
As inhabitants of San Giacomo, we are extremely proud of our chapel as its history extends as far back as the twelfth century. The chapel is the oldest religious building in Val Gardena and can only be viewed during the summer. A viewing is extremely worthwhile due to the gothic frescos and murals from the sixteenth century, which depict scenes from the legend of Jacob.
The ascent to the chapel is also an opportunity to experience some of the finest views in the valley.